In KlikFlex production we use unique interlocking mechanism  with 12 locking points on each tile.Tiles are connected with no effort, which makes installation extremely easy.Locking points hold the tiles straight and securely on the floor, which allows for consistent and uniform ball rebounding.

KlikFlex® tiles have a revolutionary expansion gaps with the mechanism of reverse spring tension to allow easy movement from one side to the other, which gives this sports tiles better and more resistant lateral flexion than our competitors.

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KlikFlex® is one of the safest and healthiest surfaces for outdoor sports areas in the market today.Our innovative surface grip makes it perfect like indoor parquet with optimal coefficient of friction. Surface is suitable for both recreational and professional athletes.

Expansion joints and spring mechanism between the tiles enable slight movements from side to side, which means less burden on the joints and lower back. Product is CEN TS 15676 certified for Slip Resistance (95USRV⇔ ON DRY R11 / ON WET R9-10 / DS).

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