In the past 5 years we have extensively researched all the sports flooring on the global market. Information from sports organizations and associations, professionals and sales organizations helped us to develop a product to a high degree of excellence. Klikflex® meets the highest expectations and is supplied with a 15 year warranty.We are able to supply the world market with one of the best modular sports

surfaces at a reasonable price and at the best quality. Klikflex® sports modular flooring is manufactured under the most advanced technology to provide comfortable, secure surface ideal for indoor and outdoor spaces and sports playgrounds. As sports flooring it reduces fatigue of players, provides better bounce and excellent results in the game.


  1. 100% recyclable polypropylene / 0% PVC
  2. quick and easy assembly without any adhesive for indoor and outdoor use
  3. easy replacement of a damaged tile at any point in space
  4. fixed or mobile flooring, very easy disassembly and reassembly
  5. by composition the firmest flooring in the world
  6. very high acoustic properties
  7. very high dimensional stability of KlikFlex® tiles is due to several injection points on both sides of the tiles and 6 joints
  8. antibacterial properties
  9. antimicrobial flooring is resistant to all influences
  10. resistance to chemicals, salt, moisture, fungi, etc
  11. fully porous and does not fade
  12. antistatic
  13. special design for reflecting sunlight with KlikFlex® Uv protection formula, at least 70% cooler than other outdoor surfaces under solar radiation
  14. KlikFlex® flooring completely dry after rain or snow in 15 minutes
  15. economic, zero maintenance costs
  16. product warranty of up to 15 years / real durability aprox. 20-30 years


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Our tiles also help in covering up cracks in old surfaces and allow for many years of worry-free playing without investments in repairs. As such it is ideal for reviving old asphalt or concrete.Living colors make them even more enjoyable for your favorite activities.Due to its characteristics and durability the flooring is ideal for all ball sports. It’s perfect for both new and old surfaces.

Klikflex® tiles are ideal for all purposes and are specifically designed to withstand all the challenges of any sport at all levels.Symmetrical and geometric perforated base of the lower part of the tile is also a fast drainage system and it controls a very high dimensional stability of the surface,which makes KlikFlex® the flooring for all weather conditions.


Whether is summer or winter, spring or autumn KlikFlex® is a surface that is very easy to maintain and at the same time it is very durable in all weather conditions.We recommend periodic cleaning every three or four months or when is needed. For warmer time, just wipe with a damp cloth or with a miniwash for heavy dirt. You can also use a wet/dry vacuum cleaner or brush cleaner (for larger surfaces). For transitional seasons as autumn we encounter with falling leaves, pine needles etc. we recommend professional blowers that easily and quickly clean the surface.In this way, you will extend the life of your product and always have a nice and functional sport court that motivates every athlete.